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We at B-Active Badminton Edmonton have  selected a handful of talented individuals to join our amazing team. Are you interested in joining our team? Contact us at info@bactivebadminton.com.

Wen Wang

Head Coach
NCCP Level 3 Certified since 1993
Coach Wen is the head badminton professional who oversees the entire training program at B-Active Badminton Club. Although he excels at developing competitive players, he is highly sought by players of all ages and levels because of his infectious passion and keen insight into every dimension of the sport, undoubtedly drawn from his early years as an elite international level competitor and from over 28 years at coaching.
Coach Wen was a junior player on the China Guangxi Provincial team and later a member of the China Junior National Team (1986-1988) prior to coming to Canada in 1988. As the Chinese Junior National U20 Men’s Singles Champion, he was recruited out of China by Edmonton’s Royal Glenora Club to represent them at competition and to co-lead their high performance-training group. By 1991 he became the club’s Lead High Performance coach and by 1993 Wen’s program produced the first National champion out of the RGC. From there Coach Wen’s popularity exploded and in the years that followed, players from other parts of Canada, the USA, and even England travelled to Edmonton to train with him. Since 1993 Coach Wen’s training programs are recognized amongst the national circuit as one of the best. By 1997 Wen led the RGC junior players to become the strongest in the country, winning 7 of 10 national titles and 10/20 provincial championships in one year. He continues to enjoy coaching a steady stream of provincial through Pan-American champions since then. Coach Wen became the Head Badminton Professional of the RGC in 2006. In 2012, 18 of 20 Provincial champions were his players. In 2014, 11 of 15 Jr. National Gold/Silver finishes belonged to his players.
In 2015, Coach Wen further advanced his professional career by opening his own club. Wen aims to teach his players that the confidence, etiquette, perseverance, and self-discipline they develop through badminton training will shape their character off the courts. He encourages them to become self-accountable adults with integrity so they will become champions at life. Whoever has an opportunity to chat with Coach Wen will find that he is an enthusiastic and often comedic historian of badminton from his perspective as a coach, a player, and a parent of elite players.
  • Canadian Open Men’s doubles Champion, 1999
  • Canadian National Men’s Singles champion, 1997, 1994, 1990
  • German Open Men’s doubles semi-finalist, 1992
  • Canadian Open Men’s singles semi-finalist, 1990
  • Chinese Junior National Under 20 Men’s singles Champion, 1987
  • Chinese Junior National Team Member, 1985-1988
  • China GuangXi provincial Team Captain, 1978-1988
  • CCAA (Canadian National College) Champion, multiple time, Men’s Singles
  • ACAC (Provincial College) Champion, multiple time
  • National coaching team for:
    o Canada Junior Winter Games 2015
    o BWF World Junior Championships in 2000 and 2012
    o Multiple Junior Pan American Games since 2009

Seul Bi Kim

Assistant Head Coach
– Provincial Certified
When Coach Seulbi Kim was 6 years old and trialling badminton with a cousin during a high school training session, Seulbi was spotted and recruited for formal development by the CEO of the Chung Ju City Korean Badminton Association. Coach Kim entered a Korean national tournament for the first time at age 8 years and won in both singles and doubles events. Thus began yearly achievements of Jr. National championships and/or medal finishes. Seulbi was a member of Korea’s Junior National team until age 17. Coach Kim graduated from the Korean National Sports University with a Degree in Physical Education, specializing in Badminton and Nutrition. Seulbi also trained in Sports Taping and the Analysis of Sport Biomechanics. Coach Seulbi Kim had 3 years of coaching experience prior to joining our B-Active team in 2016, including at the RGC, at Korean clubs, and for the Korean middle school system. Coach Seulbi lights up when explaining how playing badminton creates happiness and how competing at sport empowered this once-shy child to develop into a happy, active person who is confident at expressing feelings. When Coach Kim teaches, Seulbi wants to inspire students to play with efficient mechanics and to maintain active, happy and outgoing lives.
  • Alberta Sr Provincial Champion, 2016 and 2017 – Doubles and Mixed Doubles
  • Alberta Sr Provincial Finalist, 2017, Singles
  • Canadian National College Champion, 2016, CCAA Doubles
  • Alberta Provincial College Champion, 2016, ACAC Doubles
  • Multiple Yonex Alberta Series events Champion: Mixed Doubles, Doubles
  • Multiple Korean National Competitions Champion: Singles and Doubles events (2004-2015)
  • Multiple Korean National Competitions Finalist: Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles events (2004-2015)

Andrew Ng

Coach Andrew played badminton in Brunei since the age of 15. As a College player in the 1980’s, he competed amongst the top players at the Alberta Series and Canadian tour events, defeating national level athletes. Andrew enjoys teaching juniors to excel and challenges them to become better champions than the ones who preceded them. Andrew brings to our club his years of coaching experience, including assisting at the Grant MacEwan College, The Royal Glenora Club, and the King’s University team.
  • Canadian National Masters’ Champion, 2017, 60+ Men’s Singles
  • America’s Masters’ Games, 2016, Men’s Singles 60+ Champion
  • America’s Masters’ Games, 2016, Men’s Doubles 50+ Champion
  • America’s Masters’ Games, 2016, Men’s Doubles 55+ Finalist
  • Alberta Open Masters’, 1991 , Men’s Singles 35+ Champion
  • Multiple Alberta Series Champion and Finalist finishes: men’s singles
  • Multiple RGC Open Tournament Triple Crown Champion (1985-1990)

Takeisha Wang

– Regional Certified
In addition to coaching badminton, Takeisha attends full time studies, trains diligently, and competes at the elite level. Since she began competing in badminton at age eight, she acquired 16 junior provincial titles, 5 junior national titles, and 3 junior Pan American titles. Takeisha also represented Team Canada at the BWF World Junior Badminton Championships in 2012 and 2014. She began coaching in 2012 and is a Level 1 trained coach. Takeisha enjoys sparring with younger players to help them improve in their skills and game play.
  • Canadian University National Championships, 2017, Women’s Singles finalist and Women’s Doubles bronze
  • Alberta Provincial College Champion, 2017, ACAC Women’s singles
  • Member of the Canadian Junior Pan-Am Team: 2012, 2013, 2015
  • USBDF Winter Junior International Championship, 2012 Mixed Doubles U17 champion, 2011 U17 Girls’ Doubles Finalist
  • Pan-American Jr Champion, multiple: girls’ doubles, and mixed doubles events (2010-2015)
  • Canadian Jr National Champion, multiple: girls’ doubles and multiple-time finalist for girls’ singles and mixed doubles events (2009-2015)
  • Alberta Jr Provincial Champion, multiple: girls’ singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events (2009-2015)
  • Alberta Jr Provincial Finalist 2015, Women’s singles

Braxton Wong

– Regional Certified
  • 5 years coaching experience
  • Alberta Jr Provincial Champion
  • University team member

Desmond Wang

– Regional Trained
  • World Jr. Team Member
  • International Jr. Medalist
  • Alberta Sr. Provincial Champion, 2017, Mixed Doubles
  • Jr. Pan American Champion
  • Canadian Jr. National Champion, multiple
  • Triple Crowned Alberta Jr. Provincial Champion, multiple
  • 3.5 years coaching experience
  • University Team Member

Amanda Cao
– Regional Trained
  • 4.5 years coaching experience
  • University Team Member

Kai Li Huang
  • Canadian College National and Provincial Champion, multiple
  • Chinese Jr Nationals Team Event Finalist
  • Chinese Jr Nationals Women’s Doubles Finalist
  • GuangXi Jr Provincial Champion, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Nick Roque
  • 5.5 years coaching experience
  • Canadian College National Champion
  • Alberta College Provincial Champion

Andy Ko
  • International Gold Medalist
  • Alberta Sr. Provincial Champion
  • Canadian College National Champion
  • Alberta College Provincial Champion

Ty Lindeman
  • World Jr. Team Member
  • International Gold Medalist
  • Pan-American Champion, multiple
  • Canadian National Champion
  • Alberta Sr Provincial Champion
  • Triple Crowned Alberta Jr Provincial Champion
  • Alberta Jr Provincial Champion, multiple

Sam Patel
  • Regional Trained
  • 4.5 years coaching experience
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